FlexSight C1: First working prototype at Automatica 2018

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FlexSight C1: First working prototype at Automatica 2018



The FlexSight Consortium is proud to announce the first working prototype of the FlexSight C1 device. The prototype has been presented ad Automatica 2018 in Munich during the international fair. The C1 has been involved in a random bin picking demo where an anthropomorphic robotic manipulator has been directly driven by the sensor, without the needing of any external computation unit, to collect deformable objects in a cluttered environment. The demonstration has gained much interest from the professional and academic community, showing the sensor’s main features, e.g. Deep learning based object detection and localization algorithms, high resolution and high quality 3D reconstruction, compactness and embedded all-in-one solutions to common high level industrial tasks, and many others.

The FlexSight C1 brings together the power of a high level image processing unit with the usability of a compact and ready-to-use camera device. It is equipped with high resolution cameras and powerful tools like a pseudo random pattern laser projector which is used for recovering the 3D reconstruction of the working environment. Such hardware power is accompanied with novel and powerful software implementations for solving complex industrial tasks, e.g. deformable object detection and recognition, 3D reconstruction driven by stereo cameras and automatic grasping point generation.

The next showcase of the FlexSight C1 sensor will take place in Padova at the IT+Robotics facility the next October 2018.

Below a brief video review of our amazing experience in Munich.